Baltic Pitching Forum’s Alumni At New Producers Room 2024


In 2022, the Cannes Court Métrage’s SFC | Rendez-vous Industry introduced the NEW PRODUCERS ROOM to provide greater opportunities for young short film producers. 

Recognizing the significant advantages of co-production for short film projects and understanding the challenges they face in securing production, this initiative seeks to familiarize producers with co-production opportunities. 

Through dedicated online sessions, on-site matchmaking events, and presentations of short film projects, the NEW PRODUCERS ROOM facilitates collaboration and networking. Focusing on co-production within the short film realm, the event brings together 10 emerging producers already active in the industry. 

This year, the Baltic region will be represented by two alumni of the 2023 Baltic Pitching Forum: producers EMĪLS ALPS from Latvia and KADRIANN KIBUS from Estonia.

About producers:

Kadriann Kibus is an Estonian producer and documentary director running her film studio Rebel Frame. She has worked on documentary films as a director, producer, and editor since 2003 and has participated in projects at Ex Oriente, EsoDoc, and Baltic Pitching Forum. Kadriann´s goal is to establish new international connections, to welcome co-productions and creative collaborations so that the films created could have a deeper impact and successful distribution.

Kadriann Kibus is a two-time Baltic Pitching Forum alumni: winning at the 2021 edition with the short film project “Schrödinger” (dir. Sergei Kibus), which received participant rights at the Euro Connection 2022, and also winning the Yle TV Pre-buy Award at the Baltic Pitching Forum 2023 with short film project “Pulcinella” (dir.  Hleb Kuftseryn). 

Emīls Alps received his BA in film directing from the National Film School of the Latvian Academy of Culture in 2022. He has written, directed and produced several short films and a feature-length documentary. His debut film, “Choir. Conductor. Kamēr…”, held its premiere at the 2019 Riga International Film Festival and won the Latvian National Film Award. He has received 2 more Latvian National Film Award nominations for the short fiction film,“Mia” (2021), and the short documentary, “Renaissance Man” (2022).

Emīls Alps participated at the Baltic Pitching Forum 2023 with the short film project “Thank You for Your Review”, which won two awards: participant rights at the Talents and Short Film Market 2023 and its Pitching Session “You Only Pitch Twice” and The Baltic Producers MEDIA Award.