Eligible applicants

Open Call to the BALTIC PITCHING FORUM 2023 is closed.

The Forum will take place on 10-13th October in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Film directors and/or producers who are citizens of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Guest country Greece or have a right of a permanent residence in the countries mentioned *.

Applicants must have finished at least one short film project and are developing a new project which is:

fiction, animation, hybrid (documentary projects are not eligible)

in the development stage (the production should start no earlier than 2024)

up to 30 minutes

aimed at international audience

Filmmakers are allowed to submit more than one project with the separate registration form for each submission. Projects that have previously been submitted to the Forum will not be accepted.

12 short film projects will be selected by the selection committee (3 projects per country). Up to 2 representatives of each selected project (producer and/or director) will be invited to take part in the training and pitching sessions.


* In case of co-production, one of the applicants (director or producer) must meet this regulation.

Required information

Please note that during the application process additional material will be required:

synopsis (up to 100 words)

script or treatment (if submitting with the treatment, please note, that in case of selection You will be asked to deliver the script by 1 September 2023)

director’s statement

short biography and filmography of a director and producer

link to the director’s previous work

financial and distribution plans (not mandatory)

visual reference material (not mandatory)

The application form and additional material have to be prepared in English.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

All additional material must be sent until the deadline.