Alumni Screening | Baltic Pitching Forum 2019


For accredited guests only.

Time: 12 October, Saturday 20:00 – 21:30

Venue: Pasaka Cinema, Šv. Ignoto st. 4, Vilnius


The Juggler / Žonglierius

2018 / Lithuania, France / animation / 11

Director: Skirmanta Jakaitė

Producers: Agnė Adomėnė, Delphine Schmit

Production companies: Art Short (LT), Tripode Productions (FR), Perspective Films (FR)

We live in the same house but in different apartments, jobs, situations, beliefs, visions; each one in our own compartment, fooling ourselves that the world is one, and that it exists. Although sometimes it seems that the incomprehensible thread has almost been caught, and I am on the verge of understanding.


Helen’s Birthday / Heleni sünnipäev

2017 / Estonia / fiction / 19

Director: Tanno Mee

Producer: Marianne Ostrat

Production company: Alexandra Film

Middle-aged Helen, who still hasn’t gotten over her divorce, is dragged to the nightclub on her birthday. Unable to give life a new chance, she ends the night as an intruder in her old home.


Bad Hair / Karv

2019 / Estonia / fiction / 15’

Director: Oskar Lehemaa

Producer: Evelin Penttilä

Production company: Stellar Film

Insecure and balding Leo (35) has closed himself in his apartment to try a hair growth liquid for fixing up his looks. The liquid causes a series of grotesque metamorphoses with his skin and hair and as Leo tries to get his bodily changes under control, the evening quickly turns into chaos.


Winter in the Rainforest / Žiema atogrąžų miške

2019 / Lithuania, Estonia, Mexico / animation / 9

Director: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

Producers: Andres Mänd, Daniel Irabien Peniche, Agnė Adomėnė

Production companies: Nukufilm (EE), Estudio Carabás (MEX), Art Shot (LT)

In a rainforest amidst lush nature, live fragile porcelain animals. Strange white stony creatures are born in wild river streams, birds with feet like human fingers hunt for flying fish, vicious spiders catch miniature dancers into their traps… This is a surreal world inhabited by creatures never seen before. Time here passes in a strange way, moving in an unexpected manner. As the film is shot in nature, the changes of light create a strange shift between the passing of time and the movement of the characters. Tropical nature, ceramic creatures, and Nordic music form a surreal world that creates a bizarre sensation of seeing something unknown but familiar at the same time.


When the Lights Go Out / Užgesus šviesoms

2019 / Lithuania / fiction / 13’

Director: Jonas Trukanas

Producer: Gabija Siurbytė, Rūta Petronytė

Production company: DANSU

When the Lights Go Out is a fantasy movie based on a personal experience of the film’s director. The film tells a story about a teenage boy who is being bullied in school. The boy, named Mantas, creates his own guardian demon, who protects him from the bullies. However, it is not letting the boy live a normal life. The film’s timeline portrays one day at school, when Mantas’ classmates assault and beat up him badly. And here it comes, the guardian demon, ready for revenge.