Baltic Pitching Forum is soon approaching!


As it enters its fourth year, the Baltic Pitching Forum is now in a position where it can start looking back on its successes, with numerous pitched projects proving popular on the festival circuit. Castratus The Boar – originally pitched at the 2013 edition of the BPF – went on to win the Grand Prix at the Tampere Film Festival in 2015. Butterfly Man – a winning pitch at the 2014 BPF – went on to have a theatrical release in its native Estonia. These are just two examples of those projects whose experience at the Baltic Pitching Forum has proved invaluable and there are sure to be many more over the years to come.

Indeed, the Baltic Pitching Forum has cemented its reputation as not only being an important launchpad for talents from all three Baltic countries but also a vital networking opportunity for all those involved. But as successful as the Baltic Pitching Forum has proved, it is not about to rest on its laurels. As we look to the future we are constantly looking at ways of expanding and adapting to the ever changing world of filmmaking to best serve all those who come to the event. We want to continue to highlight the great talent that exists in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and help them put their best foot forward into the international film industry.

Our work never ends but – as the 2016 edition of the Baltic Pitching Forum will undoubtedly show – it will all be worth it as we help to showcase some truly amazing talents. We thank to all the sponsors and panelists for the help making it happen. And thank you, filmmakers, for continuing to inspire us.


The Baltic Pitching Forum organizers