Highlights of 10 years of the Baltic Pitching Forum


Baltic Pitching Forum invites to look back at years of accumulated history and experience in its special 10 Years Overview edition. 

Now in its 10th year, the Baltic Pitching Forum continues to go from strength to strength. The Forum was originally envisioned as a way to help its participants network with each other and to strengthen ties amongst the film industry throughout the Batics. While this ambition had certainly been achieved, it also became apparent how important the Baltic Pitching Forum has been in helping the Baltic film industry become more visible on the international stage. 

In the past two years, after the Forum returned from an online to an onsite event, it reinforced the importance of the event not only from a practical point of view – from the training offered to the advice given by the panel – but from an emotional one. To be able to share experience, meet people face to face and enjoy the nature of collaboration is much of what the film business is built on. It is perhaps this vibe of togetherness and sense of commonality is one of the main factors that ensures that the BPF is celebrating its 10th anniversary and looks forward to many more years.

Of course, the achievements of the BPF alumni over these 10 years are also crucial. Many successful shorts have been produced over the years, screening at numerous film festivals and coming home with countless awards. Some alumni have gone on to make features which have made a huge splash on the international circuit, also garnering a clutch of awards. Ultimately these accolades are a testament to the inherent skill and talent of the brilliant filmmakers hailing from the Baltics and, indeed, Forum’s guest countries. 

The growth – from a purely Baltic affair, to the addition of guest countries to – just this year – a number of industry initiatives working with major festivals and industry organizations – is proof of the Baltic Pitching Forum’s importance and continuing influence. 

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