“Lithuanian Shorts” supports Ukraine and joins partners’ initiatives


Lithuanian Short Film Agency “Lithuanian Shorts” expresses support to the people of Ukraine in such a dire moment and invites industry representatives to join initiatives organized by Lithuanian Film Center, the Board of “Short Film Conference” and “Nordic-Baltic Shorts Network” to help Ukrainian filmmakers and families fleeing the war.

Lithuanian audiovisual companies invited to help Ukrainian filmmakers

In response to the Russian aggression and the invasion of Ukraine, that is violating the territorial integrity of the sovereign nation, the Lithuanian Film Center seeks to express support for the Ukraine filmmakers. Seeing talented and hard-working creators, who had to postpone their work, Lithuanian Film Center invites audiovisual companies operating in Lithuania to hire incoming Ukrainians.

If you have a free vacancy in your company, please fill out the registration form HERE. The information will be placed in an international database, where filmmakers from Ukraine will be able to see all job offers.

“Short Film Conference” calls for boycott of Russian cinema

A network of more than 100 short film festivals and film distribution organizations “Short Film Conference”, whose members are “Lithuanian Shorts” and Vilnius International Short Film Festival, joins with colleagues from around the world in boycotting any associations with any entity, organisation or production that is backed, funded and endorsed by the Russian state. It will continue to support independent filmmakers and organisations from the area who need their voices heard.

“We would like to reiterate our solidarity with our friends and colleagues in Ukraine and our thoughts go to our Ukrainian members: Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival and Lviv International Short Film Festival WIZ-ART.” – states “Short Film Conference” representatives.

The Board invites filmmakers, film production, distribution companies and festivals to join the initiative – “Border Crossing Children’s Film Festival”. It sets out to hold screenings for children and families at the official refugee reception centers both at the Polish/Ukrainian border and throughout the country as we face an expanding refugee crisis. More information HERE.

“Nordic-Baltic Shorts Network” stands with Ukraine

Members of the “Nordic-Baltic Shorts Network” condemn Russian authorities’ aggression, anti-humane war actions and the brutal invasion of Ukraine. They express support to filmmakers, artists, colleagues and all people of Ukraine – today they are fighting for all of us, for freedom and democracy.

“We declare a suspension of any cooperation with the organizations, institutions and the creators related to the Russian official government. However, we are open for communication with the filmmakers and creative partners in this region who are taking risks to express their position for stopping the war and brutal Russian authorities’ policies.”

Network invites international community to support Ukrainian filmmakers, artists, critics, festivals’ representatives through various initiatives:
Ukraine Humanitarian Fund
Emergency Fund for Filmmakers in Wake of Ukraine War
DocuDays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
Border Crossing Children’s Film Festival

A great resource that lists Ukrainian businesses and charities we can support in these difficult times: HERE.

“Nordic-Baltic Shorts Network” members:

Tampere Film Festival
Minimalen Short Film Festival
Nordisk Panorama
Norwegian Short Film Festival
Odense International Film Festival
Uppsala Short Film Festival
Riga International Film Festival
2ANNAS International Short Film Festival
Vilnius International Short Film Festival
Pöff Shorts (Black Nights Film Festival)