Project “Snow Shelter” got funding for production from Lithuanian Film Center


We are glad to announce that BPF 2016 alumni project “Snow Shelter” by Robertas Nevecka got funding for production from Lithuanian Film Center! More about funding: here.


Freezing winter in a war devastated nowadays Vilnius. Several years passed after destruction, the city slowly rebuilds. Thirty-year-old Kostas is living in an apartment with a group of strangers. One night he nearly burns the place down wanting to warm himself up. His roommates start hating him and Kostas tries to find another shelter, breach into a hostel constructed in church’s underground vault. He fails to find an bed though and nearly freezes to death in a blizzard. This makes him return to his original home where he throws the eldest resident Alexander to the street. And barricades himself in. The flat belongs to him, cause he found it first. The others residents fail to breach in. They crash the windows with rocks. And one of those rocks hits Kostas in the head. He starts hallucinating that he lives in a luxurious palace.