Selected projects will be announced on September 6


Participants will be informed about their selection or non-selection by email no later than 6th of September. Representatives of non-selected projects will be invited as observers at the training and pitching sessions.

The three-member selection committee is considering all the applications. Each application is being processed by a minimum of two different readers. 9 projects will be selected and up to two representatives of each selected project (producer or/and director) will be invited to take part in the training and pitching sessions.

The international panel will consist of 7 panelists from the fields of festivals, TV, distribution, production and film commissioning. The panel members will be announced next week.

The first day of the Forum will be dedicated to the training regarding successful pitching and how to prepare for it. The second day of the Forum will be dedicated to a presentation of the selected projects in front of an international panel consisting of 7 members. After the presentation, one-on-one meetings between invited film professionals and participants will take place.