Short Answers by Lizete Upīte



How does the development process of a short animation project look like? What are the main challenges of co-producing a film and choosing the festival strategy? Director of Riga’s Lilac Lizete Upīte will present the film’s case study on how pitching at the industry events and various film residencies can help you to develop an animated short film. Upīte is the Alumni of the Baltic Pitching Forum. In 2016 “Riga’s Lilac” won participation rights at the European Short Pitch.

The lecture will take place on the 8th of October 12:00 – 13:30 (UTC+3).

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A short film that recently stuck in your memory and why.

Louise Cailliez’s animation film “Montagne”. I liked its strong visual style that invites you in the story.

What do you like about directing films?

I love how the vision materializes.

The most precious memory you keep from working on the film set/studio.

Working in a team; the early mornings; going to the studio to work; drinking coffee; after a long workday obsessing over what I did and what I should do tomorrow.

What is a good short film for you?

The one that catches your attention and for that brief moment leads you to another inspiring world. 

When faced with difficulties how do you keep yourself motivated?

I talk to others. Communication is very important to me.