BPF 2013 - Projects

Harvest | Derlius

An elderly man is one of the last live inhabitants of the Church street – a long street of a small town dominated by funeral businesses. Mournful silence disturbs the daily routine of the man as he simply cannot engage himself into noisy tasks. One of such – cutting a tree – becomes more and more exigent as the blooming but rotten apple tree in man’s yard threatens the house: the branches won’t handle the approaching harvest. The man decides to get rid of the tree on a special cosmic occasion – a comet flying over the town – that hopefully will catch mourners’ attention. He doesn’t know yet that the threatening tree is the one bounding him up with life.

Production countries Lithuania
Production company Čiobreliai
Estimated running time 15 minutes
Estimated budget (in euros) 10 000
Contacts Marija Razgutė, ČIOBRELIAI, e-mail: marija@ciobreliai.lt
Director Karolis Kaupinis

Karolis Kaupinis born in Vilnius, 1987, Karolis Kaupinis graduated from Vilnius University with MA in comparative politics. Kaupinis’ filmography consists of three documentary films and a few experimental videos. His short documentary “Žilvytis” (The Willow tree) won Kaunas student film festival “Stopas” in 2011. His documentary “Mission Siberia ’11. Tomsk district” was broadcasted on Lithuanian National TV in 2012. Kaupinis currently works in the same TV as an editor and presenter of the weekly program “World panorama” . His script for his first short fiction “The Noisemaker” was awarded with European Short Pitch 2013 award by Nisi Masa.

Producer Marija Razgutė

Marija Razgutė is a film producer, who has produced five short films and is developing her first feature film at the moment, also – the organizer of International Short Film Festival “Vilnius Film Shorts”, the co-founder of Lithunian Short Film Agency “Lithuanian Shorts”, the coordinator for cinema education project “Cinema Forge”. In 2010 Marija Razgutė graduated from Vilnius Art Academy with Master degree in Culture management and culture policy. A member of Independent Producers Association in Lithuania since 2011.

Infection | Infekcija

This science fiction genre film concerns about the geopolitical challenges we face today. The spread of unknown viruses and bio-chemical weapons bring a threat to humanity worldwide. Lithuania is a recent NATO member, and the country turned into the Eastern buffer zone of the Alliance. This story focuses on a Lithuanian military bioengineer scientist Eugenijus Rybovas (38), who is sent to liquidate the viral disaster in Belarus. The mission includes illegal penetration into hostile territory with the support of the Lithuanian spec ops. Eugenijus faces the horror of how fast a civilised society can turn into a predatory jungle, when the virus is invincible. On the other hand, this story reveals Eugenijus‘courage and patriotismfor his country.

Production countries Lithuania
Production company -
Estimated running time 10 minutes
Estimated budget (in euros) 15 000
Contacts Titas Petrikis, e-mail: info@titasmusic.com
Director Titas Petrikis

Titas Petrikis gained his Master degree in music composing for films at Bournemouth University. He is currently engaged in PhD studies, supervised by Prof. Stephen Deutsch, which explore the relation of sound design and music in films. Mr. Petrikis’ talent was recognized at Cologne Soundtrack 6.0 2009 (Germany), where he was awarded Peer Raben Award for the music in short film Noirville (dir. Andy Marsh). He became a finalist of the Talent Campus Volkswagen Score competition in Berlinale 2007 (Germany). His music for films was four times nominated for the Lithuanian Silver Crane Best Music Award (2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012). Since 2012 he is a member of the European Film Academy (EFA). He joined Lithuanian Film Academy (LiKA) in 2013.

Producer Aidas Avižinis

Aidas Avižinis is a producer and production manager. Aidas graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater with Master degree in Film Production in 2005. Since then he has been working as producer and production manager in Lithuanian documentary and fiction projects.

Out Of Credit | Out Of Credit

In a not-so distant Orwellian future a granny named Margaret rents a hologram to keep her company while she watches weekly re-runs of Dynasty. The trouble starts when Margaret tries to persuade her provider to make her companion even more real. We soon come to find that Isabel the hologram is far from being the only illusion in this lonely granny’s life.

Production countries Lithuania
Production company Litfilmas
Estimated running time 10 minutes
Estimated budget (in euros) 15 000
Contacts Julija Zubaviciene, LITFILMS, e-mail: info@julijazubaviciene.com
Director - producer Julija Zubaviciene

Julija Zubaviciene studied fiction film directing at the All-Russian State University of Cinematography- Vgik before starting her career as a filmmaker and artist. She is also currently a part-time screenwriting Masters student at Royal Holloway University of London. She worked in production on a large TV production called “Heavy Sand”, as a Second/Third Directors Assistant and as a Researcher (archive/internet), which won the Main Prize “Golden Eagle” (2010, Russia) for the Best Television Series (10 episodes). Her short fiction film “Hunger” was nominated for the “Lithuanian national film awards” for the best student film and gained a prize for “Different view” at Ukrainian film festival “Artek”. And this past few years she worked as a curator at Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre and did an internship at Taskovski Films as well as she participated in Generation Campus and Baltic Film Forum with her own projects. At the moment she is working on a short film titled “Out of Credit” and a post-production of her debut feature length documentary titled “Lida, Vanda, Liusa.”

Castratus The Boar | Kastrats Kuilis

“Castratus the Boar” is an impressionistic story of small town resident Valter who was castrated in his childhood due to the illness. After his fathers death he tries to forget his own failures and gain functional role in the local community by singing in the church choir and looking after pigs that his father bread. Walters imperious fathers patriarchal expectations lasts even after his death. Last solace Walter tries to find in a companion of a local newcomer Aija, but his representations of masculinity makes things difficult.

Production countries Latvia
Production company Tritone studio
Estimated running time 30 minutes
Estimated budget (in euros) 8000
Contacts Contacts: Raitis Abele, e-mail: raitis.abele@gmail.com, website: www.tritone.lv
Director Lauris Abele | Produser Raitis Abele

Brothers Lauris and Raitis Abele found their interest in filmmaking by making their own weird DIY stuff with HI8 cameras. Later, worked for TV making shows about extreme boardsports. They have made several music videos for local bands, short films and commercials. Lauris has got a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a master’s degree in film directing at Latvian Academy of Culture whilst Raitis got bachelor’s degree in psychology and studied at the New York Film Academy. They both are the masterminds behind the psychedelic oriented Latvian bands Soundarcade and Das Sonntags Legion. Currently they reside in Riga, Latvia and are working on two shorts “The Tale of Blackwoods” and “Castratus the Boar”, which are in post production phase.

Mirror Man | Spoguļvīrs

A young Latvian lawyer Viks is getting lost and is losing his personality, because he is not confident and he lets other people influence him. All he wants is to be appreciated and loved and in Viks opinion the only way to achieve it is to be like other successful people around him. And mysterious Mirror Man appears in his life to help him out with that.

Production countries Latvia, Germany
Production company -
Estimated running time 22 minutes
Estimated budget (in euros) 46 000
Contacts Agnese Laizane, e-mail: agnese_laizane@hotmail.com
Director Agnese Laizane

Agnese Laizane graduated Baltic Film and Media school in 2011 as film director. With her diploma film “Show me the sound” was selected to Berlinale Talent Campus. Has worked on several long feature film projects as director’s assistant. Meanwhile developing her own projects – short film project “Mirror Faces” was nominated for Robert Bosch Stiftung Co-production Prize 2013.

Producer Simona Klavina

Simona Klavina is a producer at the Latvian production company FreshStep Productions Ltd. Since 2008 she has been involved with film projects, starting from short films to feature film “Graduation Year”, to be released in 2014. For the last 6 months Simona has been a line producer for a feature film “From 5 to 7” and 8 series TV Drama “Heritage”, both Russian productions.

Who Has The Biggest One? | Kam Ir Garāks?

Andrei is 11 years old, and he tends to exaggerate things when he talks about himself with his friends. Yet he realizes – he must earn their respect by some real actions. This summer, Andrei falls in love with fishing. When his friend Dima catches an impressive trout of 28 cm, Andrei has no other desire but to beat the record. By the end of the summer Andrei is given the chance, but then…

Production countries Latvia
Production company -
Estimated running time 15 minutes
Estimated budget (in euros) 22 000
Contacts Jurijs Skorobogatovs, e-mail: jurijs.skorobogatovs@gmail.com
Director Jurijs Skorobogatovs

Jurijs Skorobogatovs graduated from University of Latvia with Master degree in Geography in 2007. In 2012 graduated from Latvian Academy of Culture as Cinematographer. Since 2005 works as cameraman and editor. In 2010 made his first documentary short film “The Machinist”. Now studies MA in film directing in Latvian Academy of Culture.

Producer Katrīna Tomašicka

Katrīna Tomašicka graduated from Baltic Film and Media school in 2007. She worked on commercials and films in Portugal and Latvia – most of them co-productions with countries like England, Sweden, Russia. Katrīna was a production manager of first crowd-funded film made in Latvia. Now studies MA in Film Directing in Latvian Academy of Culture.

Advancement | Advancement

When Ieva introduces her boyfriend Toms to her friends over a weekend gate-away in a country side estate, the appearance of charming but egocentric guy causes a turbulence between the close group of friends. Relationship between Ievas brother gets more intense as he senses a manipulative intentions in Toms after he charms his girlfriend Marina. Are Toms just being himself or is there are deep and dark intentions for his appearance in the group?

Production countries Latvia, Estonia
Production company -
Estimated running time 15-18 minutes
Estimated budget (in euros) 20 000
Contacts Kristofer Piir, e-mail: kristofer.piir@gmail.com
Director Reinis Kalvins (Latvia)

Reinis Kalvins was born and raised in Riga Latvia, Reinis Kalvins graduated with a B.A. in Marketing and Advertising from Latvian University. Soon after, Reins followed a carrier in marketing in corporate environment, but looking for more creative challenges in 2010 he enrolled in Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn. Since then he has produced three 30 min short films (“Just the three of Us”, “Transgression” and “Ordinary People”), music video and documentary shorts.

Producer Kristofer Piir (Estonia)

Kristofer Piir was born in 1991, in Tallinn. He is studying Audiovisual Media, BA in Baltic Film and Media School since 2010. Kristofer has produced 2 student short films and several other student projects (corporate and music video, commercial, etc). After working in Forum Cinemas as a distribution assistant, Kristofer has broadened his experience baggage working on a professional level for commercial, full feature and short film shoots as production assistant, location assistant and location manager.

Sin Is Silent | Sin Is Silent

Tom, released from prison for causing his parents car accident, is picked up by a passing car. Unexpectedly, the person behind the wheel is his sister Jenna. Coming ride through the autumn night reveals the actual events of the crime, in which Jenna was playing a central role. Seven years of accumulated anger grows into speed, which accelerates beyond words.

Production countries Estonia, Germany
Production company -
Estimated running time 13 minutes
Estimated budget (in euros) 136 118
Contacts Helen Vinogradov, e-mail: vinogradovh@gmail.com
Elina Litvinova, e-mail: elina@allfilm.ee
Director Martti Helde

Martti Helde was born in a small borough in Mid-Estonia. His grandfather – a Vicar, was the one to shape his world view. Martti had his first try at filmmaking when he was 16 and the result caused uproar both in local media and politics. Martti is currently in his Master studies at Estonian Music and Theatre Academy. He has also attended directing courses in Europe and USA. His projects have won several competitions and scholarships. Recent titles include short films “Burnt Mistakes” and “Superbia”, his first feature film “In the Crosswind” will be released in February 2014. Martti is a highly valued director with an open worldview and courageous creations.

Producer Elina Litvinova

Elina Litvinova is a producer at the Estonian production company Allfilm since early 2012. She started her way into film industry at Baltic Film and Media School, continued by various international producing and project development workshops across Europe and UK. For the past seven years Elina has been producing formats that vary from music videos and concert visuals to short films and documentaries. Recent titles include short films “Superbia” (dir. Martti Helde), “Ivan’s Day” (dir. Ivan Pavljutskov), and feature documentary film “Anthill” (dir. Vladimir Loginov) – all to be released in 2014. Since 2010 Elina also works with the Black Nights Film Festival Industry Days and Black Market Online. From January 2014 Elina will be rdoing her MA degree in Film Producing in the National Film and Television School, London.

Producer Helen Vinogradov

Helen Vinogradov has been freelancing for various production companies since 2006. Joined the Black Nights FF’s Sleepwalkers team in 2007, of which Artistic & Managing Director she was from 2008-2010. In 2011 joined Tallinn-based 3D & VFX studio FrostFX as a producer, where she yearly produced over 60 TV commercials and 3-5 feature films VFX productions. Late 2012 finished line-producing historic feature film “In the Crosswind” (dir. Martti Helde, Allfilm) and entered the international co-producing course at IFS Köln. Helen is currently doing her MA degree in Film Producing in Aalto University, Helsinki and is developing her next film projects.

The Butterfly-Man | Liblikmees (Winner)

Anselm is an unnoticeable guy in Boruslawsky’s Circus. Anselm’s job is to clean the house and assist circus artists, but his secret dream is to go on the stage as a magician. Unfortunately, Anselm has an uncontrollable health problem – whenever he feels strong emotions, his body bursts butterflies.

This project was awarded with the participant rights in the European Short Film Co-production Forum EURO CONNECTION 2014.

Production countries Estonia, Hungary or Latvia
Production company Exitfilm
Estimated running time 15 minutes
Estimated budget (in euros) 38 500
Contacts Kristo Jürmann, e-mail: productorem@gmail.com
Peeter Urbla, EXITFILM, e-mail: peeter@exitfilm.ee
Director Edina Csüllög

Edina Csullog graduated from Baltic Film and Media School, Tallinn in 2013 as a film director. Before directing she studied linguistics and literature in Budapest. She has worked in different Hungarian and Estonian televisions and radio channels as a program editor, director and a scriptwriter. She has directed and written several shorts and documentaries. Besides film making she falls for Estonian poetry and spends her free time organizing cultural events and promoting Hungarian culture in Estonia. Films: “Wounds” (2007), “Blow” (2009), “Hearts in Vain” (2013).

Producer Kristo Jürmann

Kristo Jürmann works at the Estonian production company Exitfilm as a producer. In 2011 graduated from Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) as a film producer and now studies MA in International Producing in BFM. Since 2009 Kristo has produced almost 10 short films.

Producer Peeter Urbla

Peeter Urbla has graduated Tartu University, specialising in history and languages, and has passed special courses at the Moscow’s Cinema Committee, specialising in film directing and scriptwriting. Starting from 1992. he has worked for Exitfilm studio as director, producer and manager.