BPF 2016 - Projects

Snow shelter | Sniego pastogė

Freezing winter in a war devastated nowadays Vilnius. Several years passed after destruction, the city slowly rebuilds. Thirty-year-old Kostas is living in an apartment with a group of strangers. One night he nearly burns the place down wanting to warm himself up. His roommates start hating him and Kostas tries to find another shelter, breach into a hostel constructed in church’s underground vault. He fails to find an bed though and nearly freezes to death in a blizzard. This makes him return to his original home where he throws the eldest resident Alexander to the street. And barricades himself in. The flat belongs to him, cause he found it first. The others residents fail to breach in. They crash the windows with rocks. And one of those rocks hits Kostas in the head. He starts hallucinating that he lives in a luxurious palace.

Director: Robertas Nevecka
Producer: Giedrė Burokaitė
Production countries: Lithuania
Estimated running time: 12 min.
Estimated budget (in Euros): 30 000
Funding in place: 9570
Production company: Meno avilys
Production company profile: NGO “Meno Avilys”operates in audio-visual field in a targeted way since the beginning of its activities. The company has been acting in the area of film education and heritage since 2005. In 2006 it initiated the first national film education project in Lithuania “Film at My School”. The NGO publishes film compilations on DVD which are accompanied by teaching guides. In 2009 “Meno avilys” became a member of international video education network “Viducate” and organised “European Video Education Forum 2009” in Vilnius. Since 2014 “Meno avilys” has become a member of the two European projects in the framework of Audience Development: A Framework for Film Education in Europe led by BFI (UK) and Moving Cinema led by A Bao A Qu (Spain). Since 2015 NGO "Meno Avilys" started to work in film production field with an aim to promote Lithuanian film industry and to cooperate with young filmmakers.
Director Robertas Nevecka

Robertas Nevecka was born in 1984. He lives in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is a self-taught animator and has a BA degree in Film directing. His best known films are “The Bomb“ (2013), “The Curonian Twitch“ (2013), “The Jungle“ (2014). His newest short animated film “Snow Shelter“ is currently in development.

Mail: robertas.nevecka@gmail.com
Phone: +370 679 01982

Producer Giedrė Burokaitė

Giedrė Burokaitė was born in 1985, lives in Vilnius, Lithuania. She got a BA degree in Cultural History and Anthropology and a MA degree in Arts management. She produced number of short films: “Jackie“ (2014), “Investigation“ (2014), “Doggone“ (2015), “The Roots Are Bitter“ (2016) and curently is working on her first feature-lenght documentary “People, Animals and Things“ and a short animation “Snow Shelter“.

Mail: giedre@menoavilys.org
Phone: +37067521161

The Juggler | Žonglierius (winner)

We live in the same house, but different apartments, jobs, situations, believes, visions, each one in its own compartment fooling ourselves, that the world is one and that it exists. Though sometimes it seems that an incomprehensible thread is almost caught and I am on a verge of understanding. This film is about the other side of life – the scary, unknown side we never fully grasp, but we know it is somewhere near, so close.

This project was awarded with the participant rights in the European Short Film Co-production Forum EURO CONNECTION 2017.

Director: Skirmanta Jakaitė
Producer: Agnė Adomėnė
Production countries: Lithuania
Estimated running time: 10 min.
Estimated budget (in Euros): 95 000
Funding in place: 15 000
Production company: ART SHOT
Production company profile: Founded in 2012, ART SHOT is an independent production company, focused on developing and producing short artistic animated films. The founder and producer of the company, Agnė Adomėnė aims to produce visually engaging animations with the potential for international co-production and distribution. In 2016, the first completed production, a puppet animation film “Nuopuolis” (Directed by Urtė Oettinger and Johan Oettinger, Lithuanian - Denmark co-production) was awarded by Lithuanian Film Academy as The Best Lithuanian Animation Film of the year.
Director Skirmanta Jakaitė

Skirmanta Jakaitė (b. 1969) is a director and animator with BA in Animation at Vilnius Academy of Art and experiance in animation production since 1989. “The Juggler” will be her third directed short animeted film. The previous films of the director were also made using the technique of 2D drawn animation. A graduation film of S.Jakaitė “We May Meet, We May Not” was screened at many acclaimed international film festivals including Ottawa International Animation Festival, Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, Melbourne International Animation Festival. Her debute film “Non-euclidean Geometry” (co-directed with Solveiga Masteikaitė) was awarded with Ecumenical Jury Prize at 6oth Short Film Festival Oberhausen and received Special International Jury Prize at Hiroshima International Animation Festival as well as The Lithuanian Film Academy award for The Best Lithuanian Animation Film of the year.

Mail: skirmanta@gmail.com
Phone: +37068296568

Producer Agnė Adomėnė

A founder and producer of a production company ART SHOT, Agnė Adomėnė, has educational background in culture management (The Master of Management, Department of UNESCO Cultural Management and Cultural Policy, Vilnius Academy of Arts) and works in film business since 2009 with experience in film distribution and exhibition (Art house cinema theatre PASAKA). Founded in 2012, independent production company ART SHOT focuses on developing, producing and co-producing short artistic animated films. Since 2014 Agnė joined the team of European Film Forum SCANORAMA as a film industry event coordinator. In 2015 she became one of the founders and board members of Lithuanian Animation Association, that was established to unite animation related companies, to provide network, to create and promote an attractive image of Lithuanian animation.

Mail: agne@artshot.lt,
Phone: +37062088522

When the lights go out | Užgesus šviesoms

It’s the first day in a new private school for Mantas – a quiet, harmless teenage schoolboy with a mysterious past. As soon as Mantas arrives, his new classmates Artūras and Kęstas force him to undergo an initiation test. When it goes wrong, Mantas’s dark secret comes to light: every time he gets hurt, he inadvertently summons a murderous guardian demon. It time-teleports all three teenagers into the night and attempts to kill both Kęstas and Artūras, while Mantas desperately tries to protect them. Horrified and confused, they run for their lives as the demon hunts them in darkness. After their attempt at killing it fails, the schoolboys devise a clever plan to get rid of the demon, but only manage to do so with the unexpected help from Mantas’s father Adomas. Having destroyed the demon, the teenagers time-travel back to the school during the day. However, their celebration is short-lived.

Director: Jonas Trukanas
Producer: Gabija Siurbytė
Production countries: Lithuania
Production company: Dansu Films
Production company profile: Dansu is a vigorous company, dedicated to produce high class feature films, TV and commercials. The company was created in 2008. Dansu films has created 6 short movies, some of them were sold to Eurochannel and Shorts.tv. In 2014 short film “The Queen of England stole my parents” was awarded as best short film at national academy awards “Silver cane” and also received public award “Kinfo”. This year short film “The Trolleybus Man” was awarded as best VFX at festival in India. Dansu films was also part of production of 3 awarded international feature films and made more than 100 commercials. As well as received best production house award at national awards “Adrenalinas”.
Estimated running time: 15 min.
Estimated budget (in Euros): 40 000
Funding in place: 5 000
Director Jonas Trukanas

Jonas has graduated from Film Directing course in University For Creative Arts, Farnham, United Kingdom. Ever since graduation he has been directing short films and commercials. His first proper short film “Booksmuggler” (2011) won an Audience Choice Award in Vilnius International Film Festival “Kino Pavasaris”. After that he has directed a part of feature documentary “Radviliada” (2014) that was screened around cinemas in Lithuania. His short horror comedy “Ghost I don’t Remember” (2015) has been screened in many festivals around the globe. And his latest short – “The Trolleybus-Man” (2016) is currently hitting the festival circuit and has been nominated for Lithuanian Film and TV awards for the Best Production Design. Jonas has also done some acting – he played a supporting role in Oscar winning director’s Gabrieles Salvotres film “Deadly Code” (2013). Jonas biggest interest lies in geeky, fantastic genre cinema.

Mail: jonas@dansu.eu,
Phone: +37062834664

Producer Gabija Siurbytė

I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. From teenage years I am involved in nongovernmental organisations, starting from Lithuanian school students union. Now I am member of the board of Lithuanian independent producers association and also a board member of Swedish chamber of commerce in Vilnius. I have studied management, law and acting. In 2001 I started working in the biggest events organising company “Pirmoji kava” and was responsible for events representing Lithuania (biggest event being EXPO in Aichi). In 2003 I got interested in films and started there as PA and worked up the ladders in the AD department. When Lithuanian film studio got closed, I together with director Ernestas Jankauskas opened our own company Dansu that is now one of the biggest production houses in Baltic States.

Mail: gabija@dansu.eu,
Phone: +370 698 14141

Riga's Lilac | Rīgas ceriņi (winner)

Riga’s Lilac is a tragicomic story for adults about human rights to stink. In a style of a documentary film, the story is based on real interviews with people, who reveal their emotional overwhelm, caused by a strong smell by someone else.

This project was awarded with the participant rights in the European Short Pitch 2017 by NISI MASA.

Director: Lizete Upīte
Producer: -
Production countries: Latvia
Production company: -
Production company profile: -
Estimated running time: 14 min.
Estimated budget (in Euros): -
Funding in place: 6600
Lizete Upīte

Lizete Upīte, born in 1987, is animation film director from Latvia. Lizete began her studies in 2006 in Estonia, in Baltic Film and Media school, studying Audiovisual Media. In 2008, during Erasmus exchange program in Portugal, Lizete did her first works in animation and applied for school of directing animation La Poudrière, in France. While enrolled, she made several films, including her graduation film “A night on the lake”, that traveled trough many festivals and received the prize of the best student film in National Film Festival of Latvia “Lielais Kristaps”.

Mail: lizete.upite@gmail.com
Web: www.lizeteupite.com
Phone: +371 22015294

Rock Among Rocks Part 3 : Observing the W(h)it(e)ness | Roca entre las Rocas Parte 3: Observando la Blancura

The final part of the Rock Among Rocks trilogy zooms deeper in the realm of Camel Sultan, the World Witness. The limits of Reality are expanded by constant explorations of remote worlds not seen by the naked eye. Recollections of the past and dreams of a possible future are tied together in the mind space. Micro and macro events connect or collide. Memories overlap in the whiteness of the arctic landscape. Repeated images and repeated situations. The thermal camera registers some footprints in the vacant area between then and now, in the barren planes of the frozen, postapocalyptic Earth. Occasional radio signals from an abandoned greenhouse attempt to break through the windstorm. Not much to be seen, but something, still, is present.

Director: Andris Indāns, Laura Prikule, Kaspars Lielgalvis
Producer: Kaspars Lielgalvis
Production countries: Latvia
Production company: Totaldobže Art Centre
Production company profile: Totaldobže Art Centre is made to serve as an open platform for interdisciplinary contemporary art activities.
Estimated running time: 15 min.
Estimated budget (in Euros): 15 000
Funding in place: -
Director | Producer Kaspars Lielgalvis

Kaspars Lielgalvis is an artist and activist who works throughout the culture field, with interests including urban development, interdisciplinarity in contemporary art and the creation of self organized structures. Founder of Totaldobze Art Centre. He is based in Riga, Latvia.

Mail: kaspars@totaldobze.com,
Phone: +37129451445


Metamorphosis focuses on the story of two characters living at the end of the world and attempts through it to reflect how humanity ended up there in the first place. The focus of the film states that in the end we may be granted what we want, even if that brings on our own destruction.

Director: Ismene Daskarolis
Producer: Thom Palmen
Production countries: Latvia, Greece
Production company: Full Glass Productions, Exostis Press
Production company profile: Full Glass Productions is a newly established production company based in Latvia by a trio of experienced, award winning producers. It's aim is to produce high quality shorts, documentaries and features for an international audience.
Estimated running time: 15 min.
Estimated budget (in Euros): 35 000
Funding in place: 9000
Director Ismene Daskarolis

Ismene Daskarolis is an awarded filmmaker currently living in Athens and Berlin. She graduated the School of Fine and Applied arts in Thessaloniki in 2012, specialising in video art, installation and painting, while having already studied Film and Television at the New York College in Athens. Since then she has written, directed and produced three short films. Her work varies among narrative shorts, experimental shorts, video art and dance films and has been screened in multiple international film festivals. In 2013 she was appointed Chief Editor of the Film department at Exostis Press, where she continues to work.

Mail: ismene_16@hotmail.com
Phone: +4915226072729

Producer Thom Palmen

Thom Palmen has his background in film festivals since the early 1980’s Turned to producing films some 10 years ago. Currently developing a number of projects, both documentaries, features but mainly shorts with young talented directors from Europa.

Mail: thompalmen104@gmail.com ,
Phone: +37125603210

Lisa the Robot

It is during a period of political instability when Sinead, a brilliant scientist, creates a Lisa on a research campus. She models Lisa’s brain after the human neo-cortex, which enables her to evolve. Lisa and Sinead become very close ― they establish a mother-daughter relationship. But Lisa’s education is interrupted when the institution is invaded and she witnesses the death of her mother Sinead. Now Lisa has to have her revenge, for she has been taught how to feel.

Director: Kadri Nikopensius
Producer: Helen Lõhmus
Production countries: Estonia
Production company: Oree Films
Production company profile: Oree Films is an Estonian production management agency and company established in 2013 by audiovisual producer Sten Saluveer and producer and production designer Helen Lõhmus. Oree Films focuses on international production service, co-production and post-production facilitation between Europe, North America and Asia with offices in Tallinn, Estonia, and Tokyo, Japan.
Estimated running time: 15 min.
Estimated budget (in Euros): 35 000
Funding in place: -
Director Kadri Nikopensius

Estonian film-maker and painter who is focusing on subjects like ethics, warfare and social struggles. After receiving a B.A. degree from the University of Tartu Fine Arts Department, she started film-making as a 1st AC on short films. Having studied Film Arts M.A. in Tallinn University, Baltic Film and Media School, and having worked on over 70 short films, commercials and TV shows, she now specializes mostly in film post production. She has participated in art exhibitions in UK, Finland and Estonia, including KUMU Art Museum. Latest solo exhibition Particle 5 about international warfare was held in February 2016. She has done numerous works as a cinematographer, including audiovisual piece Poco A Poco Morendo Con Amore (2014), TV comedy pilot Slackers (2015) and short comedy Relapse (2016). Most recently she worked as a casting director and 2nd AC for an award-winning Estonian-German co-production short horror film When Demons Die (2016).

Mail: kadri.nikopensius@gmail.com,
Phone: +37255613397

Helen Lõhmus

Estonian producer and production designer serving both for domestic and international productions in television and film. Starting out in 2004 in television with shows like – Pride of Estonia (highest rated annual gala show), Better than the Neighbor, Dream Agency, Starhour etc. Soon came the international projects – Reality Star dir. Raoul Suvi starring Eric Robrts (Estonia-USA-France), Wine Mansion (Estonia-France), First Love dir. Egor Druzhinin (Russia) along with many music videos and commercials. In 2010-2011 served as a production manager and Art Director for high school TVseries After School (Walt Disney), in 2012 was also responsible for post-production coordination on the same project. Most recently served as producer and art director for Lao-Estonia-France coproduction Dearest Sister, dir. Mattie Do, producer for Estonian-Russian co-production Dream Fish, dir. Anton Bilzho. Has worked on more than 10 music videos and commercials as a producer, more than 40 music videos/commercials as an Art Director.

Mail: helen@oreefilms.com
Phone: +37253480281

My days with Liina | Minu Päevad Liinaga

Coming to enjoy a quiet holiday with his family, a middle-aged writer Rainar finds that he forgot to bring food. He travels to a nearby farm to buy something from a local young woman Liina. Much to the surprise of his wife Kadrin and 11-year old daughter, Rainar decides not to leave and stays with the strange woman. Kadrin can’t bear the situation and goes back to town and seeks help from Rainar’s father. Rainar finds himself living the idyllic country life with Liina but feels that something is amiss. Is the new-found love really an unstoppable force or are there more sinister powers at play?

Director: Rein Zobel
Producer: Veli Rajasaar
Production countries: Estonia
Production company: -
Production company profile: -
Estimated running time: 20 min.
Estimated budget (in Euros) 20 000
Funding in place: -
Director Rein Zobel

Rein Zobel is an Estonian director and motion graphics animator. He has a MA in Psychology at University of Tartu. In 2015 he finished Baltic Film and Media School and got BA in Film arts (directing). He directed a few short films: „Decay“ (Denmark 2011), „Awesome“ (2013), „Love for Two Boxes of Antibiotics“ (2014), „King of Estonia“ (2014), „Hunger Week“ (2015) (teaser).

Mail: rein.zobel@gmail.com,
Phone: +3725043003

Producer Veli Rajasaar

Veli was born in Tallinn, 1992. In 2015 he got his BA in Baltic Film and Media School College as a producer. With Rein Zobel he made a short film „Love for Two Boxes of Antibiotics“ (2014), also produced a few other films: “Maja, mis peegeldab ajalugu” (2014), “Mother: in the Name of the Millions” (2014), “A Dozen Questions about Estonia” (2015), “Hunger Week” (2015).

Mail: jasaar@gmail.com,
Phone: +372 5565 2545

Platypus | Ornitorrinco

Santiago is a Latin-American chef living in Tallinn. He works in a Latin-American restaurant and he plans to open his own place someday. He is also the father of Roberta, who arrives unexpectedly to his work place. Mayri, Roberta´s mother is nowhere to be found so Santiago takes Roberta home with him for the day. But the next day Mayri doesn´t show up. She keeps making up excuses which forces Roberta and Santiago to chance the dynamics of their relationship. They will discover that so far they are used to having a fun relationship during the weekends and that maybe their difficulties lie beyond the language barrier. For both Santiago and Roberta this will mean a path to discover a new way to relate to the other, a new way that goes beyond the different array of languages that they can use to speak to each other.

Director: Carlos Eduardo Lesmes Lopez
Producer: Anni Aguraijuja
Production countries: Estonia
Production company: Kinosaurus Film
Production company profile: Kinosaurus Film is an Estonian film production company that was established in 2011 by ambitious younger generation filmmakers. The company specialises in producing and co-producing features, documentaries and short films. Kinosaurus Film has set its aim at filling screens with fresh and daring projects. Kinosaurus Film's first feature film “The Days That Confused” premiered domestically in this spring and became a domestic box-office hit and in July won the Jury Special Prize from the East of the West competition program at the Karlovy Vary IFF.
Estimated running time: 15-20 min.
Estimated budget (in Euros): 61 415
Funding in place: -
Director Carlos Eduardo Lesmes Lopez

Carlos Eduardo Lesmes López (b. 1987) holds a BA in Film and Television from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a MA degree in Film Arts from Tallinn University. He’s been living and working in Tallinn for the past five years, developing different films and projects. He has made five short films and two documentaries. His last short film „Take off“ („Äralend“, Alasti Kino, 2015) is currently in different festivals around the world, including Fantasia fest in Canada. Carlos is currently developing his first feature film „Pretty Vacant“.

Mail: lesmesdoc@gmail.com
Phone: +372 5608 8641

Producer Anni Aguraijuja

Anni Aguraijuja (b. 1988) who holds a BA in Film Arts from the Baltic Film and Media School of the Universtity of Tallinn, has worked in many national commercials as PA, carried out large-scale castings („Secret Society of Souptown, Nafta Films, 2015) and participated in international filmprojects. She has produced four studentfilms and a short film „Third“ (2013). Anni has worked in Nafta Films, also with Kinosaurus Film and Münchhausen. She is currently working in Amrion.

Mail: anniagur@gmail.com,
Phone: +372 56494612