BPF 2022 - Alumni screening

8 OCTOBER 17:00 - 18:30 (UTC+3) | BPF Alumni screening

VENUE: National Gallery of Art (Konstitucijos pr. 22, Vilnius).

Alumni screening is free of charge.

All films have English subtitles.


Snow Shelter

dir. Robertas Nevecka, prod. Giedrė Burokaitė, Lithuania, 2020, animation, 16 min.

Participated at BPF 2016

It is a freezing winter in a war-devastated town. A young man is banished from his own apartment by a bunch of troublesome strangers. He has to locate another shelter in an alienated society.


County Court

dir. Eeva Mägi, prod. Karolina Veetamm, Estonia, 2020, fiction, 15 min.

Participated at BPF 2018

A short film by Eeva Mägi is packed with absurdity and tells a rather conventional story in a rather unconventional way. The film reflects a court drama where a mother and a father, two ex-spouses, fight over the custody of their 5-year old son in court. The whole court process takes place in the middle of a grain field and on that field the courtroom has no boundaries much like the mother and father whose actual goal is to exact vengeance on each other with no regard to the means used.


dir. Birutė Sodeikaitė, prod. Agnė Adomėnė, co-prod. Delphine Schmit, Draško Ivezić, Lithuania/France/Croatia, 2021, animation, 13 min.

Participated at BPF 2017

Elena is enjoying her life in the clouds until she meets a charming Red Crane and seed starts growing inside her. Not ready for the changes and sacrifices that the seed brings to her life, Elena rips it out of her body. Soon she will realise the consequences of doing so.

Mia & Liki

dir. Katrin Tegova, prod. Maario Masing, Estonia, 2021, fiction, 15 min.

Participated at BPF 2019

It seems the summer will last forever. Sisters Mia and Liki are taking the best out of it, but the signs something’s wrong with the parents, are disturbing their happy life. Girls perceive the changes around them, but can’t comprehend with the situation, which causes inexplicable fear and confusion.

Found You

dir. Ragne Mandri, prod. Laura García Baeza, Estonia, 2021, fiction, 16 min.

Participated at BPF 2020

A little curious girl Agnes gets tangled in a life-threatening situation while following her older brother Mihkel into an abandoned house.