BPF 2021 - Alumni screening

9th OCTOBER 18:00 - 20:00 (UTC+3) | BPF Alumni screening + Q&A with filmmakers

VENUE: National Gallery of Art (Konstitucijos pr. 22, Vilnius).

Alumni screening and Q&A session is free of charge, but requires registration HERE.

**COVID-19 Measures**

We will guarantee access to the BPF on-site events only to those that can show the COVID certificate (full vaccination, recovery or negative PCR test valid for 48 hours).

Riga’s Lilac

dir. Lizete Upīte, prod. Richard Van Den Boom, Sabine Andersone, Latvia/France, 2019, animation, 14 min.

Either it is an overconfident head of the public transportation of Riga, explaining, how we have to follow the rule no. 599 and call the police on stinky people, or an elderly lady scared of smelling as an old person. Everyone has their own particular emotional overwhelm regarding a bad smell. Lizete, an amateur interviewer, is hoping to record these truthful moments.

BPF 2016 winner, traveled to more than 30 international film festivals, and won the Lielais Kristaps Award for the Best Latvian National Short Film 2019.

Ice / Jää

dir. Anna Hints, prod. Eero Talvistu, Estonia, 2017, fiction, 15 min.

Harri is a lieutenant colonel in the Estonian army. Divorced, he only sees his ten-year-old son during school vacation. Harri decides to make up for lost time and to take him on a journey to the island Harri would go to with his own father when he was a child. When they miss the last ferry, Harri takes a local path on the frozen sea.


By the Pool / Pirtis

dir. Laurynas Bareiša, prod. Klementina Remeikaitė, Lithuania, 2017, fiction, 16 m.

A group of teenagers rent the house with a sauna for a party. Everybody is having a good time: dancing, singing, drinking, talking until the party ends and everybody leaves. Later in the morning, the house keepers come to clean the place but they find Indre who is searching for a button of her ripped up trousers.

BPF 2015 winner, premiered at Venice Film Festival.

Snow Shelter / Sniego pastogė

dir. Robertas Nevecka, prod. Giedrė Burokaitė, Lithuania, 2020, animation, 16 min.

It is a freezing winter in a war-devastated town. A young man is banished from his own apartment by a bunch of troublesome strangers. He has to locate another shelter in an alienated society.

Castratus the Boar / Kasträts Kuilis

dir./prod. Raitis Ābele, Lauris Ābele, prod. Thom Palmen, Latvia, 2014, fiction, 23 min.

“Castratus the Boar” is an impressionistic story about a small town resident Valter and his secret that prevents him from integrating in local community. He spends his days breeding pigs and singing in the church choir but that doesn’t make him less lonely. When he finally tries to establish closer contact with a fellow girl Aija, his representations of masculinity take a weird turn.

Won Grand Prix at Tampere Film Festival 2015.